About Us

Discover the untold stories of women veterans at the Women Veterans Museum, celebrating their courage, leadership, and contributions to history. Founded in Pennsylvania, we honor their legacy with exhibits and resources.

Women Veterans Museum

As women, too often when we present our Military IDs, the assumption is that we’re dependents of a military personnel. To which most often ask, “Where did your husband serve?” Our responses come as a shock when we say “He didn’t, I served.”

Women have played an important role in the military since 1775, but it wasn’t until 1948, three years after the end of World War II, that they were recognized and allowed to serve as full, permanent members of all branches of the Armed Forces. President Harry S. Truman signed the Women’s Armed Services Integration Act in 1948 to seal the deal and women have been breaking barriers ever since. With less than 2 million women currently serving , they represent 20% of the US military and 19% of the Officer Corps. Even with such a big presence, women are consistently under-recognized within American Military History and still fighting for Veteran services and resources.


Women in the military continue to courageously and fundamentally change our society.  From establishing gender and racial equality within the Armed Forces to redefining roles and leadership, to creating new paths for the future generation. The Women Veterans Museum is dedicated to highlighting the brave souls that have, are, and WILL continue to defy all odds and impact the world. It is the first Women Veterans Museum founded in the State of Pennsylvania that truly focused on all women regardless of race, branch, or level of service.

We strive to educate communities on the history of the US armed forces, the pivotal roles women veterans played on and off the battlefield, and how they continue to lead in loyalty, duty, and respect. The museum is also dedicated to providing transitional and mental health resources for women veterans who are navigating the journey from boots to heels. Through sharing unique artifacts and an immersive museum experience, we aim to inspire each and every person that we encounter.

The founder Claudette Williams is a 30-year Army Veteran and Retired Sergeant Major who served two (2) tours outside of the United States. Her firsthand experiences, years of public service, passion for building community through education, and preserving life & legacy have truly created a unique and safe space where women veterans can feel celebrated and honored.

The Museum is operated by a volunteer team of veterans, military wives, community members, and superheroes by day.